Create table in PowerShell

Sometimes we need to have a CSV in output of the script. The manual concatenation of string is not a beautiful solution for object-oriented PowerShell. The easiest way to create the table and export it to CSV for me :

Check the size of AD Connect MS SQL Express database

MS SQL Express has database size limit of 10 Gb, so how to know when to switch to another edition of MS SQL? To check current database size of AD Connect you can use following commands:

You can also connect to ADSync database with Invoke-Sqlcmd cmdlet from SQLPS PowerShell module:

React does not reload component when route parameters have changed

If you need to reload the components when route has changed there is an elegant solution to do it with help of key:

iptables – source host not found

If you see something like:

Authorize your DNS traffic before :

Arrays and objects in ARM Templates

Please, review the article about ARM templates before : Authoring Azure Resource Manager templates. Before thinking about Nested templates that is possible to imagine a lightweight scenario based on standard ARM template capabilities. Types of variables and parameters in ARM template are not only scalars and they can represent objects and arrays. Template parameters can take as an input object, […]

How to transfer resources between subscriptions in Microsoft Azure?

With Global Availability of Azure Ibiza portal we have got some update on feature request from Feedback Forums, see Move services between subscriptions. Unfortunately I do not have the full list of services and resources which support this feature, Everyday product teams of Microsoft add new ones to the list. Today, you can try it […]

AMQP Filter for Azure Event Hubs with Apache Qpid Proton

There is no a lot of documentation and examples how to deal with AMQP filters by using qpid-proton (Proton C API). Deffierent approaches for working with Azure Event Hub are well described by the following link: Using Amqp.Net Lite with Azure Service Bus Event Hubs. In my practice I’m using qpid-proton 0.8. To set the filter […]